Word pronunciations

What it makes: gets all the pronunciations from a word.

Required parameters

  • key. Value: your api key
  • action. Value: word-pronunciations
  • format. Values:
    • xml
    • json (for jsonp, use param: callback/function_name)
    • js-tag (returns a script tag for each pronunciation that shows a play icon)
  • word. The word you want to get its pronunciations.

Optional parameters

  • language. To get only the pronunciations recorded in the given language. Check all the values in this languages codes list.
  • country. To get only the pronunciations recorded by users of this country. Check all the values in this countries codes list. You should use the Alpha-3 code.
  • username. Returns the pronunciation recorded by a specific user.
  • sex. Values:
    • m (for male)
    • f (for female)
  • rate. Values: any integer number. To get only the pronunciations rated with at least the given value.
  • order. Values:
    • date-desc (pronunciations order by pronounced time, from recent to older)
    • date-asc (pronunciations order by pronounced time, older to recent)
    • rate-desc (pronunciations order by rate, high rated first)
    • rate-asc (pronunciations order by rate, low rated first)
  • limit. Values: any integer number. Max. pronunciations returned.
  • group-in-languages. Values: "true" or "false". Group pronunciations in languages. Default value is "false".


Get pronunciations from cat in english (XML format)


Get cat pronunciations pronounced by user Sugarmetal (JS tag format)


Get Barcelona pronunciations group in languages (XML format)


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